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29. juli 2013

KPC har modtaget CDN Safety Awards 2013 vedrørende byggeriet Plaza 1 i København. Prisen er givet for et helt enestående arbejde med implementering af sikkerhed på byggepladsen.

Uddrag fra artiklen:

Monday, July 08, 2013

CDN Safety Awards 2013
In connection with Skanska Safety Week 2013, Skanska Commercial Development Nordic appoints "Skanska CDN Safety Award 2013". This year we have decided that we should renew the award by also promote safety forerunners among our ongoing projects.
The new award "Skanska CDN Safety Award for innovative safety solutions" aims to notice and improve the safety work on our projects and spread "best practise" within the organisation. The awards will be given out on each site. The award winners will also be recognized in internal newspapers and intranets.
Ongoing CDN-projects were assessed through a Site Safety Visit performed by regional management team and CDN´s Safety Manager together with responsible CDN Project Manager and EHS coordinator.
The criterias that has been assessed are:
•  Targets and action plan according to Safety Road Map 
•  Fulfilment of requirements and targets in our Safety Program 
•  Accidents/incidents and incident investigation 
•  Site Safety Visit (9 topics according to “Looking out for safety” leaflet) 
•  Innovative safety solutions 
On recommendation from CDN Safety manager the CDN Management team has decided to award two projects and one safety innovation:
Skanska CDN Safety Award 2013 is appointed to Plaza 1 in Copenhagen
For the Journey to Safety that the contractor KPC has done together with Skanska Øresund. Project by project KPC has improved and at an external audit Bureau Veritas found that nothing was to be improved and furthermore expressed that KPC was way ahead in safety performance compared to the other contractors on the Danish market.
Skanska Øresund together with KPC is really being an agent for change on the Danish market!